Cancer january horoscope darkstar

One thing to remember is that lucky Jupiter will make its grand entrance into your relationship house on Dec 3 so that is your silver lining when Saturn or the eclipses are putting you under pressure.

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Saturn is only preparing the earth for the growth that Jupiter is sure to bring your Cancer Horoscope Expect the blossoming of relationships and business partnerships ahead, but only if you invest your time in them now. In that case, whoo hoo, prepare to meet your significant other!

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Until Jupiter meets Saturn And indeed Pluto! Last year was a major transition period, where Saturn ascended out of the inner zone of your chart and out over the horizon. If you have built a strong sense of self, then this debut will be strengthening and you will be confident enough to keep…. Your Cancer Horoscope continues in eBook. My husband lost his mum and since then he has decided he doesnt want to be with me. He has become very nasty and to the limit where he has taken all finances.

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I have had to put in a divorce petition. But I still hope that he will see sense but I dont think he will ever come to terms that he was wrong. Vinod, you should have let Marina evaluate your relationship prior to marriage. Thirty years ago I got a Job that changed my life for the good. Im old now I hope it changes these last ten years that have been hell on earth for me.

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I got married on sept 3, My DOB is Click on your sign and see what has in store for you! Privacy Policy. Terms and Conditions. Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars. Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto.

Cancer Rising ~ Decans 1, 2 & 3

Give yourself an astrology reading! Mars retrograde is powerful and ambitious in Aries and this works fantastically for you in your career zone. This will help take your mind off the seductive ex or any other forbidden naughtiness.


Go out and hunt business-partners and clients rather than bedroom romps. This will make the likelihood of finding a hugely wealthy patron all the more possible while Jupiter is conjunct Pluto in your collaborations zone.

Mars will square you during this time, so it can feel edgy and tense occasionally …. A bit of a patchy year when it comes to the outer planets for decan 1. Make the most of Jupiter opposing from your marriage house in the first two weeks of the year. With the Uranus sextile, anything could materialise and it still has the power to bring surprises into your life. Use it to be daring, do new things and connect with like-minded people over the internet …. This a great year for you! So much going on romantically that you will be spoilt for choice. Summer is a particularly enjoyable time as the lunar eclipse re-boot works in your favour igniting all the other outer-planet dreams into reality. This can be a wonderfully positive time where you can collaborate with benefactors. You attract generous, fun and expansive people into your life and mostly this is from your travels.

The more you get out into the world the more you can make the most of this blossoming energy…. But the root of the huge transformation is either a marriage or a divorce. This is also the house of open enemies so you could be goaded into the fight of your life. It might be a custody battle or a business takeover, but it will test your integrity and honesty in your war for survival …. Your email address will not be published.