Aldebaran in vedic astrology

This is one of the wealth stars, so it can bring you big material attainments. The Star Sirius is your protector! It makes leaders and inspirational figures. It can give great profit and reputation, high achievements and fame but also spiritual strength. This is one of the best stars! A lot is given to these people as talents but a lot is also expected!! If they become selfish in their pursuits, great fall from grace follows!

Pollux the Evil Twin is affecting your fate. It is a more violent star, so you can attract arguments, power struggles and aggression in life. On the positive side, it gives penetrating mind and often occult or spiritual gifts.


Or Ascendant 27 to 30 Leo or 0 to 1 Virgo. Regulus is your start!

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

It indicates you are a natural born leader and inspirer, you will gain much respect and authority in life! Honours and Popularity. Very influential and powerful person with many friends.

Oprah has this one! Spica 24 degrees in Libra Born from 16th till 20th of October? Or Ascendant or Moon at 22 to 27 degrees Libra. The Star Spics is affecting your Fate, Spica is considered the most auspicious star in the sky! It brings unbounded good fortune, happiness, unexpected honour or advancement beyond native's hopes or capacity, wealth. The only requirement is that the person does not use this blessing for selfish purposes. If so, mediocre results. Then the Star Gemma is affecting your fate. It gives liking for literature, art and science, artistic talents and also success in trade and commerce.

Often can make one given to much pleasures and sensual pursuits, even affairs. Antares 10 Degrees in Sagittarius Born from 1st till 4th of December? Or have Ascendant from 8 to 12 degrees in Sagittarius? The Star Antares is affecting your Fate. Antares gives mental alertness, strategic ability and courage and makes dare-devils rebels, belligerent attitudes, etc.

It can give rise in life, but also danger from violence and accidents. The person is often more secretive and private but very penetrating! The star Rukbat is affecting your fate!

Great Wealth In Natal Chart (Fixed Stars)

It is a wealth star, so it gives the potential to create and amass big material fortunes. The Star Altair from the constellation of the Eagle. Such a person will have strong influence overs other and be a natural leader.

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With an generous but indomitable character, full of big ambitions, imagination and keen penetrating mind. One can achieve high positions of command.

Rohini (Aldebaran) as the Focal Point of the Nakshatra (Vedic Stars) – Vic DiCara's Astrology

Sudden but often short lasting wealth. Gives psychic, occult and ancient knowledge skills. Fomalhaut 2 to 6 degrees in Pisces Born from 21st till 25th of February or Ascendant or Moon at 2 to 6 degrees in Pisces.

You have the Star Fomalhaut, one of the luckiest and most auspicious stars. It can bring wealth and honors in life. It grants great artistic and literary talents and can bring even fame. As long as one is more spiritually minded, they can achieve a lot, but if doing everything for selfish reasons, the fall from grace can be huge! Can change focus in life from material to spiritual pursuits.

The Fixed Stars

Thanks x 7. Oct 23, 3. I have Algol in my chart Thanks x 1. Oct 23, 4. Oct 23, 5. Oct 23, 6. Oct 23, 7.


My birth star is Aldebaran by the way. Aldebaran: 2. Thanks x 2 LOL! Oct 23, 8. Oct 23, 9. Oct 23, Thanks x 3. She didnt mention that planet but I wonder if that matters at all. Um I have aldebaran square my sun and Algol square my moon. This is for my Vedic chart. Sad x 1. I have Algol conjunct my Sun. Alrighty then. Acamar conjunct MC Other fixed star conjunctions Galactic Center conjunct my vertex. Starchild, bishes! I never really bothered with the Fixed Stars because everything with it was just terrible, like everything was like death or something and I'm sitting here like what???

Yeah fatalism is awful, I'm good But this does explain some missing components to my path. Make sense why I have Saturn in the 2nd house to force me to not be reckless with it. Also it makes sense why money is just not my interest, it really isn't. Helping others is what I like to do, it's fun and brings light to the world. Bold, adventurous, somewhat dishonest. The archangel Michael, the Watcher of the East. Eloquence, high honours, integrity, popularity, courage, war mongering, agitation. Craft, ingenuity, valour.

A binary star in Draco, the Dragon. No freedom to act on one's own behalf. Sudden death by poison or drowning. Problems with law, love affairs, drugs. Raphael, the Healing Archangel, the Watcher of the North. Nobility, ambition, alertness, great power, status, leadership, sudden downfall, accidents, violence. Dramatic ability. The Archangel Oriel, the Watcher of the West.

Spirit of adventure, obstinacy, injuries to eyes, honours, sudden loss, stubborn, suspicious, violent, several marriages. Part of the Christian Cross. Words of command, gathering of wealth; a hidden god; love of water, swimming, the arts; communication with birds; aviation. Archangel Gabriel, the Watcher of the South. Congenital birth defects, magic, fame, occult, faith, "Star of Alchemy", addiction, undesirable associates. Fortunate; Jupiter "the mouth of the River" a constellation extending over several Signs. New Year Full Moon Cancer.

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