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There is a deep longing within these people to make the world a better place. There may be many changes of direction as they experiment with different roles, and their experiences will help them discover who they really are and what they really want from their lives. Once they do settle on a goal, often to improve the lives of others in some way, they will achieve their dreams because they are both practical and idealistic.

They will also find that the older they get, the more confident they become. In their later years they will draw on their rich experience of life to become a wise elder with a wealth of invaluable advice to offer the next generation.

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People born on March 20 Zodiac can have problems distinguishing between loyalty and love and they may as a result stay in a passionless relationship out of a sense of duty. This reveals the maturity and strength of their character, but they do need to remember that their first responsibility should be to their own happiness.

They should ask themselves who is really benefiting if they remain in a place from which love has departed. People born on this day tend to live in their head and to neglect their physical needs, so it is important for them to place more emphasis on the physical. Sreepriya Wow I really loved this summation. Gilbert Hi I haven't full in love till today because I don't think of girls. Tori I love Aquarius males.. How is it with yours? I'm a March 20th pisces that loves Capricorn men I'm a female March 20th pisces who Loves Capricorn men. I had a bad experience for 8 years with one.

Harvey Happy Birthday. Ebenezer frimpong Adofo really am cool with what my birthdate says about.. Mary Angel Very accurate I am an intuitive medium and a student of astrology for over 30 years! Happy Birthday to all! Jonathan ILoveYou. Sean Shout out to the other people born on the same dayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abby Happy birthday everyone. Kachi I am so happy being part of this wonderful people. Donny Hey guys everything bang on about this but one thing I don't know if it's just me but I get a build up of anger and it's hard to hold in?

Dylan This is incredibly accurate.

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  4. Currently 20 years old and this is refreshing and insightful. Although just about everything mentioned is spot on, what they don't mention is what it is that motivates us, what causes us to philosophize the way we do, and why a better, peaceful world is so important to have and not so far away either.

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    Also, hyrdration is super important, I can always have more water. Inu P One advice to you I share the same birth date and very bad temper so try and control at a very young age it will help wonders in life!!! I'm still trying! Also be very very careful who you call friends we love to give so loads out there to use is mostly friendly and partners to break our Hearts don't fall for it cos at the end March 20th borne are very lucky and end up with amazing partners and a good life just remember those two points all the best xxx.

    I tried to make my dream possible but is not am 29yrs for now, am tired. T-man Hey Pisces home, Well um a cancer dude. Um here for 1 reason, seeking my companion. We all aware dat though ppl may share de same sign bt dey r all different based on their characteristics. Hence whn u searching for love compatibility it will match to many sign. Its bcoz certain Pisces match best wit certain ppl of different signs. Dats y dey r too braod. U may also b refared 2 different signs bt seek for yo specific birth date. Whoeva lady reading dis of de above Pisces dates, help us find each ada.

    March 20 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

    Whatsapp:- Justice I don't think March 20th people will work. We are far to spell "checky" for you. Good luck with the other Pisces. Slim OMG. You are so right. I wouldn't want to be offensive but can't help to be honest. I couldn't even read the entire post. His grammar was killing me!

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    Day Dreamer I'm not a pisces, but to me pisces ppl rock! They are awesome people. In fact I am looking for a pisces man.

    Hey there!

    I'm a shy cancer woman, moon sign in aries. Anyway just wanted to say rock on! Paul hi there shy Cancer woman , curious to know if you've found your Pisces man yet? Chetan Bharadia Get in touch! Bharadia on Instagram. No doubt we live on different continents! Day dreamer I m vickey Em from India would.

    Andy Warren And I am searching for my cancer girl.. Margie Thanks for the compliment. What I read was right on.

    Andi asks is your Birthday March 19th...

    It's nice to know we are appreciated. Cancers are cool also. Have one for a son. Happy birthday to us all. Sarah Turning 18 today in which the Supermoon and Eclipse and March Equinox are all happing today, it's like a gift from God. Published March 20, This article was published more than 6 months ago. Please log in to bookmark this story. Log In Create Free Account. Find your bookmarks by selecting your profile name. Open this photo in gallery. Story continues below advertisement. Related topics Horoscopes.