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It serves people with a variety of astrology reports which help them know the effects of cosmic forces on various fields of their lives. Positively guide and inspire a billion people to lead a better life. Help people across the world enhance their inner strength by providing accessible, affordable and positive guidance based on authentic works in astrology and related fields. Achieve international benchmarks in terms of quality, technology, efficiency, and communication. The management faculty of organization houses people with global exposure experienced in executing intricate projects.

They always maintain a friendly and spirited ambience, letting members stay motivated and excel with their skills. From passion to perfection.. The passion to explore the vast stream of Vedic Astrology and to deliver its essence for the goodness of people makes us evolve with the fast changing world. For this, the nail on the right thum b was to be smeared. Raising the thumb to the leve l of the eye, one gazed at the oil-smeared nail until he could see enacted befor e him, as on a television screen the past and future of the querist.

I tried thi s method for a while but found it useless. Sangappa was said to be an expert in this art. By his "mantric power" he claimed to paralyse one's limbs, or damage o ne's mind or cause misfortunes to the enemy.

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All such tales about Sangappa did n ot frighten me. He was the brother-in-law of one Parvatappa who was in charge of our lands at Suggatta. Once I paid a surprise visit to Sangappa's place which frightened him. It happened in the following circumstance. Two farmers not on good terms with Sangappa complained of the theft of their goats. This was an opportunity fo r me, I thought, to test the methods I had learnt from the Siddhanri.

I figured out that the culprit was Sangappa himself. When I told him mat I had looked into the prosrta and found out he was the thief, he got so upset, he threatened to c all into operation all the "spirits" at his command to see that I lost my power of speech.

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I was not frightened in me least. I told him his kshudra vidya would have no effect on me. The police meanwhile found he had stolen the goats but no case was registered. He was let off with a warning. Sangappa offered to initiate me into what he called karnapisachi mantra so that I could answer "any question bearing on theft, illness,etc". Though I rejected his offer, the idea that I mu st also practise some such mantra persisted until the happening of another epi sode described below.

Once I had to present myself before the Amildar at De vanahally in response to a notice sent by him to grandfather that all gun-owners should personally appear before him to get their licences renewed. Before meeti ng the Amildar, I found out astrologically on the basis of the methods I had just learnt, that I would not succeed.

This did not dampen my spirits and I decided to meet him all the same. Amildars or Tahsildars in thos e days commanded much respect which today even ministers do not He said that the licence would be renewed only if the owner, and not anyone on his behalf, came. This was too much for me. Grandfather moved on equal terms with the ministers a nd maharajas and how could this ' petty official summon him, so I thought.

I los t my temper and declared I would see that the Amildar himself visited our place, apologised and renewed the licence. I left immediately in anger.

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After a week, Mr. D'Souza, a member of the Council, called on grandfather t o seek his advice on some matters. I reported to Mr D'Souza the impertinent and disrespectful behaviour of the Amildar towards grandfather. Within three days, t he Amildar came to our place, apologised and renewed the licence.

Later on we be came friends and met occasionally until or when he passed away. Mr D'Souza, a Mangalore Catholic Christian, was well known for his integrity, ef ficiency and administrative ability. He knew grandfather even from the days of h is holding subordinate positions in the State.

He was born on at about p.


Rahu Mars Jupiter Rahu Sat. He had to face a tough problem involving his reputation about the beginning of 1 , when he was at the fag end of the Sun Dasa.

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I was asked to find out the pro blem and what the outcome would be. I figured it out thus : The Sun as lord of t he 6th is in the 6th ruling enemies, debts and diseases. He is with Mars lord o f the 2nd and the 9th and Mercury lord of the 4th and the 7th.

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From Chandra L agna, the Sun as lord of the 2nd is in the 2nd no doubt with Yogakaraka Mars; bu t the lord of the 3rd and me 12th Mercury is also involved suggesting some finan cial involvement and displeasure of the ruler. But as the Moon Dasa was about to commence, the native would come out unscathed. Imagine my happiness when grandfather told me that my analysis was fairly accura te and that one day I would also become a great astrologer.

This was my first su ccessful prediction. He was so pleased with my performance that he presented me with a lace dhoti. In Mr. D'Souza's horoscope, the Moon ruling the mind is not afflicted. He was go od tempered though somewhat impulsive. Saturn's aspect made him always worried.